Parents and Athletes accounts

What do to do when both parents and athletes want to use Balltime

Parents of athletes are oftentimes very active on Balltime. Here are a few tips on how to share your Balltime account across family members.

Create an account per athlete

When using Balltime, every athlete must have a Balltime account which can be shared with other family members. A Balltime account is attached to a single email. To make it easier for family members to login into Balltime, create your Balltime account with an email and password that can be shared between family members.

If you have more than one child on Balltime, make sure to create a separate Balltime account with a different email for every child.

Getting notified on new videos and product updates

Balltime sends email notification:

  • When a new video from you or your team has been processed

  • When a new highlight video is ready

  • Every week to share product updates

To make sure both parents and athletes are getting these emails, you can setup email forwarding using your email account to forward emails from Balltime ( to other family members.

Here is how you do it on major email providers:

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