Tournament Checklist

Getting ready for a tournament requires a little bit of preparation, which is why we created this checklist for you!



Our platform works best with raw, unedited footage that should follow the below specifications:

Getting the best quality recording is very important because it will optimize the AI video breakdown (player and action identification) on the Balltime platform, saving you hours of tedious editing, and it will create the highest quality video for your Highlight Videos

Other recording tips:

  • Try to frame the court in such a way that there is no "interference" from other courts, meaning that you should try to zoom in as much as possible to avoid getting other courts as possible.

  • Optimize for as few visual obstacles as possible (line referees, spectators, or any other visual obstacle that would block our AI from seeing the athletes). Don’t hesitate to politely ask people to move out of the way (including the athletes on the court)

  • In some cases, there can be some powerful lights at the convention center - try to optimize the framing so that this doesn't create lens flare

Here is an example of a well framed game uploaded to Balltime


Once all your files are ready for upload (whether you are on your mobile device or desktop), read this article to see how to upload your footage, as well as how to merge all of your different sets into one final match video.


As you know Balltime is a cutting-edge AI platform that uses the power of Machine Learning and Computer Vision to automate the breakdown for Volleyball Video & Analytics.

As such, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that the AI models detect your children as best as they can!

Here's a few tips & tricks:

  • Long hair can often be a hinderance to the AI, in that it will hide the jersey number in a lot of the frame, making it harder for the AI to see the action. If your child is indifferent to their hairstyle when they play, we recommend going with a high ponytail, or a double-braid in order to help with the AI detection.

  • Please note that these tips are only recommendations, not requirements. We know first-hand how important it is for athletes to feel confident when they play, so if your athlete wants to keep their unique style, that's totally fine!


You can send an email to with any questions you have about any of this!

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