Upload your videos

Discover the different ways you can upload your game/practive footage to Balltime

In this guide, you’ll discover how to upload your footage to Balltime. Watch our tutorial to learn how to:

  1. Upload a single video to Balltime

  2. Upload multiple files and merge them into one video

  3. Upload a single video from YouTube

1/ Uploading Single Videos to Balltime

A/ From the Desktop App

  1. Select Upload Video.

  1. Select video details

    1. Game Type (Indoor or Beach)

    2. Video Type (Match, Practice, Scouting or Scrimmage)

    3. Folder (optional)

    4. Select Team

  1. After all video clips have been added, select Start the magic.

B/ From the Mobile App

Make sure you have the Balltime app downloaded to your device (iOS only)

Follow the same steps as above to upload your videos

2/ Uploading Multiple Videos and merging them.

We recommend recording your games on a per-set basis, which means that you will be left with multiple files for each game. In order to improve the viewing experience, you can merge all these videos into one when you upload your footage.

3/ Uploading Videos from YouTube

  1. If you are uploading a video from Youtube, select Youtube

  1. Enter the URL of the video and on Start the Magic

Please note that you can also use our direct YouTube integration to connect your YouTube Channel to your Balltime Account.

To do this, check out our dedicated article:

pageYouTube integration

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