Optimize your recordings

Getting the best quality recording is the first step to getting started on Balltime

Getting the best quality recording is a very important step:

  • It will optimize the AI video breakdown (player and action identification) on the Balltime platform, saving you hours of tedious editing.

  • It will create the highest quality video for your Highlight Videos.

In this guide we will cover where to place your camera, and which settings to use. Once you are done recording, you can head over to upload your video.



Anything! iPhone, iPad, GoPro, Samsung, Camcorder

Do not zoom out, no fish-eye lens


5ft tall Minimum. Ideally 8-10ft tall. Stationary

less than 5ft high. No movement or holding the device


1080p. 30/60 fps

No 4K videos. No previously live-streamed video


Endline. Center court. Or sideline. See all 4 corners of the opposite side of the court from you.

Do not create a V with the corner of the court

Camera equipment

You can record on any device. You can use:

  • Smartphone

  • Tablet

  • GoPro

  • Digital camera

  • etc.

Any type of device will work - so long as it fulfills the digital requirements listed below. If you are using an iPhone or and iPad, do check out the Balltime mobile app, it could really help with the upload process.

Camera location

Follow the below instructions for optimal recording:

  • Record from the middle of the back baseline. (Or as close as possible to this. The less side angle the better)

  • Use a Tripod to get a good vantage point. Anywhere from 8-15ft is ideal. Eye level is acceptable. A minimum of 5 feet is required height. (Higher is almost always better)

  • Try to frame the court with as much of the four corners showing as possible (distance permitting)

  • Always record on the side in which your Athlete is playing (moving between sets if necessary)

  • Optimize for as few visual obstacles as possible (line referees, spectators, or any other visual obstacle that would block our AI from seeing the athletes). Don’t hesitate to politely ask people to move out of the way.

For reference, this is the ideal framing you are looking for when setting up your recording:

Camera settings guidelines

Our platform works best with raw, unedited footage that should follow the below specifications:

  • 1080p resolution minimum

  • No 4K recordings (the files are too heavy to process)

  • Upload entire match or video per set.

  • If your are pausing between sets, make sure to make every set an individual video

  • No pre-edited videos (meaning do not stop and start the video between every play)

  • No Zoom Out or fish-eye/wide-angle lens

  • No vertical videos

  • No multi-camera footage

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