What is Balltime?

  • Balltime is the A.I. volleyball app that brings you pro-quality game breakdown, video analysis and highlight builder.

How do I create my account and log in?

  • If you are on an individual plan, you can create your account anywhere you see the "GET STARTED" button on Balltime.

  • If you are connected to a team account, you need the Team Invite Link from your coach or club director.

  • Log in with Google, Apple, or create a unique login for Balltime using an email and password you create for Balltime.

    • When logging in with google or apple, make sure you login that way every time.

Can I have multiple people on one account? (ie a parent and an athlete)

  • Yes, but they need to share a login. We do not support multiple emails associated to one account.


What angle do I need to film from?

  • The Balltime model works best filmed from the back of the court (behind the serving line) - *see first photo*. However, if you happen to have footage from a different angle the model will still work. Another important thing to keep in mind is that videos need to be filmed horizontally, not vertically.

What type of camera do I need?

  • You can use any recording device you have on hand (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google, GoPro, Camcorder, etc..). The way Balltime works is that you upload the digital file to the platform, and the model will analyze that footage. The better the recording quality, the better the output will be but most modern smartphones will do the trick.

  • Film in 1080p and 30fps

  • Do NOT zoom out, or use a wide-angle/fish-eye lense.

Do I need a Tripod?

  • We HIGHLY recommend a tripod that can reach 8-10ft high. Stability of the camera is key and the minimum height requirement for filming is 5ft.


How do I upload film?

  • Once you've created your account, all you need to do is to manually upload your game like you would any other file. If you've already uploaded your game to YouTube, you can also simply copy/paste the link of the game into Balltime and the platform will pull the game from there. Learn how to import videos for processing here.

Can I Merge multiple videos/sets into one match on Balltime?

  • YES! When uploading, you can select multiple videos from your library, and click MERGE.

How long does it take to upload a video?

  • Upload times vary based on Internet speed and length/resolution of video. Do NOT upload videos in 4K, or that have previously been live-streamed.

How much time will it take for my video to process once I have uploaded it?

  • The video processing usually takes one hour once the footage has been uploaded.

Why is Balltime telling me to free up more storage?

  • When you upload video, your device needs 2x the available storage as the video itself takes up. The storage notification is likely in regards to your device storage, not your available storage on Balltime.


What happens when my video is broken down?

  • Balltime's proprietary AI model has been trained to analyze and understand volleyball footage. Every single rally is broken down, all the dead space between points is removed and clips based on rallies are automatically aggregated into an easy-to-visualize list. The AI model also recognizes Actions (such as serves, spikes, digs etc) and Players (see below) and creates clips for those as well.

Why does Balltime AI not recognize my rallies, actions, or athletes?

  • Usually the video quality or angle of the video captured play huge roles in the accuracy of the AI. Be sure to upload videos that are filmed in 1080p, have not been previously live-streamed, and that have a clear view of the athletes.

Can I change rallies, score, actions, outcomes, or athlete tags on Balltime that the AI may have misidentified?

  • YES! Use the edit tool on any video player on Balltime to change anything you see that may been misidentified.

How do I watch individual clips based on players, actions, or outcomes?

  • In the ACTIONS portion of the video player, select FILTER, and choose the player, actions, and outcomes you would like to see.


How do I select clips for a Highlight Reel?

  • Select a certain play you would like to highlight, either from the rallies, actions, or filtered plays list on the right side of the the video player. Click on the STAR button and choose how you would like to label that play. (Pro tip- create labels unique to you!). Once you have 'STARRED" the plays you want in a highlight reel, click on STARRED, then click 'SEND TO HIGHLIGHT BUILDER"

Can I include plays from multiple matches in my Highlight Reel?

  • Yes, we created a dedicated tool specifically for that purpose. On your Dashboard you'll notice an option called "Highlight Videos". Our proprietary Highlight Generator will display all the different footage sources you want to extract clips from in one interface, and all you need to do is to toggle between them and select your favorite clips (based on rallies and actions). Your Highlight Video will be built dynamically as you go, and you can add/remove clips as you go.

How do I create a Vertical Reel?

  • After you have built the highlight reel you want to create- click "VERTICAL REEL" and click "EXPORT". It will take a couple of minutes to process, but then you will get an email with your video. All videos you create are also housed on the Balltime Website.

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