What is Volleyball AI?


VOLL-E is our AI robot who is in charge of breaking down video, tagging actions and athletes, and helping the Balltime Family one video at a time! VOLL-E was meticulously trained on a vast collection of volleyball footage, covering both beach and indoor variations across all skill levels. This diverse training regimen has equipped VOLL-E with the ability to accurately interpret and analyze the complex dynamics of volleyball games. The exciting part is that VOLL-E continues to evolve, becoming even smarter with each new video it processes!

Below is a comprehensive list of all the things Voll-E is doing when the magic is happening:

  1. Downtime removal

    • The average downtime in a volleyball match is about 67% for indoor, and 65% for beach. We want to make it faster and easier than ever to watch film

  2. Actions ID

    • Once the downtime is removed, VOLL-E focuses on identifying the different actions of the game (serve, pass, set, attack, block, dig)

  3. Team ID

    • VOLL-E also is identifying what players belong to what team

  4. Player ID

    • VOLL-E needs to identify all of the individual players on the court in order to use all of the filtering and statistical analysis available on Balltime.

  1. Ball Tracking

    • VOLL-E's work on tracking the ball is vital to being able to create Vertical Reels, Trajectories (serve, pass, set, and dig), and capturing speeds of certain actions.

  1. Ball & player positioning

    • In order to see tendencies and positional data, VOLL-E needs to track where the ball and the players are on the court at all times!

You can learn more about Balltime and what is behind the magic here:


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